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LCL is the home of our patient pending Blood Trail Enhancer. A  revolutionary tracking aid developed by LCL Hunting! This product was specifically designed to help with blood detection when tracking deer, elk or any big game after the shot. Works in all sorts of weather and on all types of vegetation day or night, no special light needed.
When sprayed upon vegetation it will foam up a light blue color when it comes in contact with blood or body fluids
Blood Trail Enhancer works on fresh blood or old dried up blood. Detected the presence of blood in the back of a pickup truck 2 weeks after it had been washed at a car wash. Check out video below Available in Kit form or 16oz, 8oz and 4oz spray bottles

Blood Trail Enhancer at night with regular flashlight
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Deer Track can you see any blood?
Click on picture to enlarge
Same track with Blood Trail Enhancer Blood foams Blue Click on picture to enlarge
Kit Sold for Only $24.95
16 oz Bottle   $14.95
8 oz Bottle    $9.95
4 oz Bottle   $5.95
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Where is the blood?
After a using Blood Trail Enhancer the blood detection was easy
Happy Hunters thanks to Blood Trail Enhancer
    Rex 2011 Colorado Archery season. Rex harvested this Mulie Doe he shot at dusk, the next day. after a long trail through a rain soaked forest.
  Tracking through the tall grass was made more difficult by the amount of rain that had fallen and all
the reds spots on the vegetation in its fall colors.
    Rex was able to determine which spots were blood and which were not with the help of Blood Trail Enhancer and find his deer  over 600 yards from where he shot it.
Leo  2011 Colorado Moose with 50 cal muzzleloader. Leo didn’t need Blood Trail Enhancer  on this blood trail, but he always carries a bottle in his pack.
Roger 2011 Colorado Archery Deer Season Roger shot this deer just before sunset. Roger felt he had made a good shot, but he was hunting a new area  and rather than risk getting lost at night he decided to get help and wait until morning to start tracking. Roger and friends were surprised the next morning by the lack of blood on the trail. Roger had bought a bottle of Blood Trail Enhancer and decide to see how good it worked. The
trail lead up the side of the mountain through dense brush then over the top through a pine forest with only specks of blood found here and there. After 2 hours of searching Roger found a bed in the pine needles. Inspecting the bed he could not see any visible sign of  blood. He sprayed the bed and it foamed up blue. The deer was found about 50 yards from the bed. Roger’s shot had been a little farther back than he thought
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         These pictures were taken from a blood trail during 2010 bow hunt. The wounded deer was hit high in the back leg, the blood trail was sparse at first. Finding the start of the blood trail was difficult.  But Blood Trail Enhancer enabled us to detect the blood and keep on the trail and recover the deer.

      In the fall dead leafs often have dark spots on them that resembles dried blood, but with Blood Trail Enhancer Blood detection is a sure thing.
      Thanks to Blood Trail Enhancer we were able to recover the wounded deer. This is the best game tracker system we’ve used!!
Chris  2011 Colorado Archery Deer Season  Chris shot this mule deer and before his 1/2 hour wait was done it started to rain. After 1 hour the rain quit Chris was able to find his deer with the help of Blood Trail Enhancer. The deer had been shot with a perfect broadside shot. If not for the rain this would have been an easy trail. Chris sprayed the vegetation around where he found tracks and was able to find spots where the blood had been washed away. He found his prize after about 30 minutes of searching.
Has been tested on 24 week old blood and it still works.
See Videos Blood Trail Enhancer demonstrated using real blood taken from a butchered steer.
All products designed and built in the USA  Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe
After the shot if you have lost a blood trail, just mist the ground with Blood Trail Enhancer (it acts like luminal) and even the smallest blood spots will glow blue, putting you back on the Blood trail. But unlike luminal there is no need for special lights or lenses
In the fall leaves are changing colors, lots of spots look like dried blood. You need blood detection help if you are unsure whether or not that spot is blood, just spray it with Blood Trail Enhancer if it is blood it will foam up blue. Blood detection is made easy with Blood Trail Enhancer
Hunters with Color Blinded and Color impaired vision were unable detect blood, But they were able to detect blood when Blood Trail Enhancer was used.  This has been demonstrated at Sportsman’s Expo in Denver, and local Colorado gun shows.
Blood Trail Enhancer works well in the rain or snow for blood detection
Blood Trail Enhancer  is the only wounded game tracker you will need, it works equally as well at night.
Blood Trail Enhancer will glow a deep neon blue at night when used in conjunction with Gerber Carnivore or similar blood tracking light.
If you spill on your skin or clothes not to worry just clean with soap and water ingredients in Blood Trail Enhancer are Non-Toxic
One handy 4 oz bottle with Sprayer that fits nicely in your pack
Use 8 oz or 16 0z bottle With sprayer for the extremely long trails
Kit also includes a 150 ft roll of trail tape
Quick reference card to help keep you on the trail
Solution Guaranteed to last 2 seasons or we will replace it free
Pink or Blaze Orange trail tape available
Don’t need the whole kit   4, 8 & 16 oz Bottles sold separately
No need for special lights at night
Angela Lopez with a nice Muley buck
2012 Blood Trail