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Blood Trail Enhancer Customer Feedback
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Ken from Colorado
My friend and I used this product to track a lightly wounded bull elk this archery season. It was great to use on an old trail in brown leaves. We would not have found or stayed on the trail without this product. I will buy more
George from WI
Great Product found my bear
Rod from New  Mexico
Arrowed a nice 5x4 Muley, had good blood trail until it ran across a winter wheat field. The soft soil soaked up the blood and it was hard to find any blood, the field was full of tracks. I sprayed the biggest set of tracks and to my surprise Blood Trail Enhancer saved the day and helped me recover my buck Thanks LCL
Blood Trail Enhancer found the blood. I was able to follow the buck across the field into a thicket where I found him.
Jeff from New York
Arrowed a nice 10 point, had good blood trail until it started to rain. The rain lasted only 20 minutes but the blood was gone. There was a path the buck was following so I started to spray some of the tracks I found. The second set of tracks I sprayed foamed up, they were heading off the trail into some thick brush, after following those tracks for a good 50 yards I spotted the buck piled up. Blood Trail Enhancer helped me recover my buck Thanks LCL
Jake from CO
I pick up a bottle of Blood Trail Enhancer at a local gun show from LCL Hunting. They claimed it worked  in the rain, I had my doubts but the demonstration was convincing. I think guy was named Chris did a great job and convinced me to try it. Bow hunting north of Steamboat Spring I was lucky to shoot a bull elk. You can expect rain or snow in September and sure enough it started to rain soon after I shot the bull. The elk trails were like wide paths of freshly tilled dirt I had tracks but not much blood to follow. The wet dirt really soaks up the blood. I sprayed tracks as I followed the numerous trails. Blood Trail Enhancer helped me find the right trail. The bull traveled 200 yards
Paul from CO
Never thought I would need this product I usually make my first shot count but the guys at LCL convinced me to try it. I bought a small 4 oz bottle. Arrowed a nice mulie buck half an hour before dusk. By the time I started tracking it was dark, there were tracks everywhere, but I couldn't find any blood and my flashlight was going dim. I was about to give up and go get help. I was sure I had a good hit. While looking through my pack for batteries I found the bottle of blood trailer. With new batteries I gave it another try. Found a large set of tracks not to far from where I last saw the buck. Well I sprayed the tracks and vegatation around there and this stuff started to reveal the blood trail. Short time later I had my hands on a set of 6x5 antlers. AMAZING PRODUCT!!
Ralph from Wy
Blood Trail Enhancer helped me recover a poorly shot cow elk 5 hours after we started trailing it. Everytime we were about to call it quits we would find a speck of blood with this spray. I'll order more for next season.
Danielle from Utah
I bought some Blood Trail Enhancer at a Sportsman's show in Salt Lake. My husband thought it was a waste of money when I showed it to him. He usually does the tracking I haven't been hunting long. I shot a cow elk with my 243 and it took off like a bolt. My husband came when he heard to shot. He found some blood where the elk was standing but didn't find anymore. We started to make circles around the spot. After about 40 minute of looking I sat down to take a rest. I saw a dark spot on the branch next to me. I call my husband, he looked at it and said it was nothing and went back to his trail. I got the spray from my pack and sprayed it, the spot foamed blue. Looking around I sprayed a few more spots and they foamed blue. My husband was off following a trail, so I continued and soon started to find blood without the spray. about 40 yards from the first dark spot my elk was expired in some thick brush. I started to scream for my husband, he came running thinking I was hurt. He couldn't believe I had found my elk. When I showed him how good Blood Trail Enhancer worked he ordered his own bottle when we got home. Thanks LCL

Peggy from CO
Great product helped me find my first cow elk after a rain storm!!

Roger from GA
I've used Blood Trail Enhacer to help me find 4 deer since I first ordered a kit it 3 years ago. It just as good the last time I used it as the first. Just ordered more for this season.


Mark from Illinois
We didn't loose one deer this past season, tracked at least 15 or more, even had guys calling us for help to find their harvests.  We tracked during the day, at night, during and after rain.  Went through some of the thickest stuff, had deer go down to and walk in the water before coming back up and out the other side but, still found blood trail again to make recovery.  Patients, a good light at night, and the LCL Blood Trail Enhancer lead to success every time

Michelle from Oregon
I found my deer with the help of Blood Trailer Enhancer after an hour search in wet conditions, almost gave up but Blood Trailer Enhancer kept me on the trail Thanks for a great product.

Charles from Colorado
Great product found my cow elk during muzzleloader season, shot her a little farther back than I would have liked but Blood Trail Enhancer reacted to small traces of blood and stomach matter. Sorry coyotes you'll have to feed yourself this year.
Mitchel from Colorado
Shot a nice buck on the south Platte, had good blood trail for 50 yards, then I hit a slough with tracks leading in and out from all directions with no more blood. I am thankful that I was talk into buying some Blood Trail Enhancer by a buddy that had used it before. I consider myself a decent tracker but I was stomped. I pull the tracker stuff from my pack started spraying some trails on the opposite side of the slough where I reasoned the buck had exited. About the 4th trail I sprayed I got a reaction. I followed the trail and started to find visible blood sign and soon had my hands on my buck. My shot had got one lung and had a high exit wound. I will be sure to have more next hunting season

Fred from Colorado
Bought a 4 oz Blood Trail Enhancer at local gun show. Never thought I would need it but the guy had a good sales pitch. Shot a nice buck with my muzzleloader. I expected to see the buck piled up when the smoke cleared, but it was gone. I follow the sparse blood trail often loosing the trail only find it again with Blood Trail Enhancer. I found my buck 1/2 mile from where I shot it, the bullet had only caught the top of 1 lung. With a high wound the buck bled mostly inside. Thanks Guys I'll buy a bigger bottle next time.
Art from Colorado
Recovered a nice bull elk this fall that I thought for sure was gone, shot the bull a little farther back than I aimed. Not much blood at first then I found some stomach matter. Bad sign and a very bad feeling I was not going to find it. Let the bull alone for about 4 hours. Back at camp my wife pull out this blood trail enhancer she had bought at a sportsmen show. She said guy who sold it to her had told her it worked on blood and body fluids. So when we went back to look for the bull I really didn't have much confidence but my wife was insistent on trying this stuff, we started following the tracks hoping they were the right ones. My wife spotted a spot on a log that looked like a water spot she sprayed it and it foamed blue. She took the lead and start spraying the deadfalls and a trail started to emerge. As we came to a downhill slope she was busy spraying when I spotted the bull piled up 50 yards down the hill. Thank you LCL!! I highly recommend this stuff, usually my 300 mag put what I shoot at on the ground. If not for Blood Trail Enhancer the coyotes would have eaten my elk.
Curly from Colorado
Everyone should have a bottle of Blood Trail Enhancer with them on every big hunt archery or rifle. Most of the time it isn't needed but you will be thankful when you do. I have recovered several animals with this product. Great Product
Lawrence from Colorado
Used a bottle of Blood Trail Enhancer to help my brother recover a cow elk he arrowed Great stuff
Susan from New Mexico
Using Blood Trail Enhancer I have become a good tracker found my boy friends deer after he was about to give up. We went to the last blood and started to make circles. I sprayed a few spots that looked odd and found the blood trail again the deer was about 100 yard from where he had stopped looking. He bought me a new bottle and one for himself
Henry from Colorado
Blood Trail Enhancer is a great product. I have been hunting for fifty years and have never come across a product like this. Wished I had this years ago I probably would have lost far fewer animals. Everyone should have this product handy, bad shots happen if you hunt long and often enough.