Old Emer from Colo.
I always seemed to run out of newspapers for firestarting by day 3 of elk camp. Not a worry anymore. I simply build a small wood tepee put a firestarter underneath. Lite it, go get my coffee add larger wood and WHALA. They said it will burn a minimum of 12 min. mine burn like 16. Fantastic product getting more soon !
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Quick Start Firestarters Fuel Cells Customer Feedback
Tim Harris from Colorado
Excellent product performs as advertised bought 3 bottles of Fire starters They saved me and my buddy we got caught in a snow storm elk hunting. We couldn’t get a fire going until I remembered I had bought some fire starters at a gun show. Within 5 minute we had a fire going that we kept going all night. Great product I bought more the next time I saw them.

Dan Akrat from FL
Great to have for my Get Me Home bag not to mention normal camping supplies
Luis Johnson from WI
Great little product, light weight, great for your pack, they work as advertised!!
Patrick Moreland from AK
Bought some for my wood stove, they work as advertised no need to use paper
Joe Lucero from CO
Easy to light with just a flint and steel, once you light the fuel cell the rest is easy just pile wood over it. Well worth the price!
John Lupus from MT
Bought some for my survival pack, easy to lite and lite weight
Candy Stark from CO
I can make a fire faster than my husband now! Great Product
Earl Carlston from CO
Bought some at the gun show works as advertised!
Brad Peck from SD
Great survival tools. even works in high winds
Rico Lamas from NM
Saved me from a cold night while I got stranded elk hunting. I'll never go hunting without them!!
Gea Stanley from CA
Bought some online works great in my charcoal grill
Rich Longer from NY
I was a hit at Deer Camp. All my buddies ordered some
Janet Colby from CO
I'm a girl scout leader and saw the demonstartion at a local gun show. I told them I wanted some for my girl scouts
They gave me a free bottle to try. I came back the next day and bought 25 they work great and last a long time
Les from Kansas
Use them in my wood stove, no more saving newspapers orders 25 more after the first purchase
Robert from Arizona
Great Product used them on a recent elk trip to Utah, my guide went to find some dry wood and tinder while we stopped for lunch. While he searched for suitable tinder I try a Quick Start Firestarter. I lit one and stack a few small pieces of wood over it. In no time I had a fire, just added large pieces as the fire burnt. My guide was impressed on how fast I got a fire started in the snow. I recommend this product
Alice from Colorado
I'll never be without them in my pack, Got caught in a snow storm deer hunting, the storm came up quick and the temperature fell even faster. Found a sheltered spot gather some nearby wood pulled a Quick Start from my pack in no time I had a fire going. The storm only lasted 30 minutes that's Colorado
Joseph from N.Y.
Great Product starts a fire quick, I like that I don't have to blow to try to get the fire going just lite the thing your wood starts burning
Tom from Colorado
I see these guys all the time at gun shows, bought a bunch for my wood stove, easiest way to start a fire that I have found.
Jake from Colorado
Bought some at the gun show from their mother, very sweat lady. When I told her I used gas to start my fires, she quickly asked if I ever burnt my eye brows. Had to laugh and omit I had, so I bought some. Great product lot liter than carrying a bottle of gas.
Russell from Wisconsin
Bought some to used them on a elk trip to Colorado, first night at camp my guide was having a little trouble starting a fire, it had been raining for a couple of days before we arrived. I offered him a quick start Firestarter to try. He was kind of skeptical but gave it a try, in a minute or two the fire was burning nicely. He said he was going order a few bottles for himself. I highly recommend this product