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LCL Hunting offers custom built knives, we use 440C Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel or Damascus Blanks all made in the USA. Handles are made from a variety of materials; Wood options include Maple, Cherry, Bocote, Blackwood, Bloodwood, Ebony, Marble Wood, Burl Woods, Carlo Walnut, Zebra Wood, Koa, or Redwood to name a few.
      We also use different styles of Alumilite, Corian, Bone, Leather, Wood and Antler to make the handles. We use Turquoise, Coral, Jasper, Mother of Pearl and a few other materials for inlays. Knife styles range from large Bowies to small 4 inch skinners. All knives come with custom leather sheath in a variety of different colors. 
      Below is a small sample of the knives we build. Below are picture of knives we built to customers specs