Old Emer. from Colo.
 I got a small skinner 2 years ago. I had it customized on one side with a large mule deer buck and the other side my nick name old Emer. Its made out of a  beautiful piece of Zebra wood. It fits my hand like a glove. I got a chance to try it out on several antelope and a deer very sharp. I hope to try it out on an elk next year. Great workmanship and came with a cross draw sheath no extra charge !!
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Alan from Colorado
Bought a boot knife in Loveland, they made me a custom sheath to fit on my prosodic leg. These guys are the best.
Jeff from Montana
Just received my second knife from LCL Knives, as always they didn't disappoint.  Great job guys
Pete from Wyoming
Never thought I would buy a custom knife, they usually cost hundreds of dollars. I met these guys in Laramie, the knives on their table were incredible. I was afraid to ask the price, but to my surprise they were selling them for a great price. Probably spent an hour looking over the knives, there to many great looking one. I narrowed it down to 2, the price for both was less than one at other tables. When I showed them to my wife she was ready to clobber me until I told her the cost. She started to look them over and decided to keep one for herself. I went back the next day and bought another. We carry and use them everyday on the ranch. Best purchase I have made in a while.




Jerry  from Colorado
Great knives and great people! Quality workmanship and very durable !

Michelle from Utah
I met the guys at a show in Utah, I ordered a Antlered Handle Bowie with Turquoise inlay with a left handed sheath. In 3 weeks what I got back blew me away!! The workmanship was incredible, the knife was so well balanced and sharp. They went a step farther and added my name on the sheath which was also beautifully crafted. I have gotten asked where I got the knife every time I wear it.  I tell them call LCL Knives. The best part is when I tell the price I paid for it.  Hopefully the orders from Utah have increased. Can't wait to see the guys again!! Thanks LCL

Sandy from Utah
Great knives had them build me one with elk engraved on the front of blade and my name on the back. When I received it the knife was more beautiful than I imagined, they added elk tracks along the spine of the knife. High recommend them
Jason from Colorado
Best knives in my collection between my wife and I we are at about 15 knives bought. I bought some off the table and had a few built to my design. Every time they exceed my expectations.

Grant from Colorado
Incredible quality and utility. The attention to detail is amazing, Thanks LCL!!
Art from Kansas
Bought a knife from them in Wichita, great price on a great knife. My brother tried to buy it from me for double the price. I told him he should have went to the show with me. He called them and they hooked him up. Very satisfied customers
Arial from Colorado
We bought a knife at the gun show in Gunnison . My husband used it every day and loved it. One day it was missing off his belt. LCL replaced it and the costumer service was amazing! We will never buy another knife from anyone else. The knives are beautiful and so affordable . I highly recommend using this small business!
Nicolas from Colorado
Absolutely love these knives. They are well made, extremely unique and personalized and made by some great guys. It is refreshing to see true craftsmen and artists who take pride in what they do. Thanks guys!
Jeff from Montana
awesome knives , these guys hooked me up with a great boot knife for a mind blowing price
Ted from Colorado
Have a number of knives from LCL, everyone has been well made and very functional. I really like the T-handle skinner, have used it to skin quiet a few animals, keeps an edge longer than most and sharpens easily.