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Camping season is upon us try our Quick Start Firestarter Fuel Cells
Every camper, hunter, hiker, snowmobiler, cross country skier and ATV rider needs one in their survival pack!! Take the hassle out of fire starting. Fire making is easy!! Just light a Quick start fuel cell with just a spark, a match or lighter, build a teepee of wood around it , sit back and watch how quick your fire starts. Don’t have a match, no problem
uick Start Fuel cells will easily start with flint striker.
100% Waterproof (they float in water)
Easy to light with a match or flint
Burns for 12 to 15 minutes
Flame is 6 to 10 inches high
Individually wrap
Comes 5 to a vial
Burns hot enough to dry wet wood
Light weight, easy to store in your pack or vehicle 
One Vial weighs only 1.6 ounces
Made in the USA
Starting at $3.95/vial 

The More you buy the lower the price per vial

1-2  $3.95 ea
3-9  $3.35 ea
10 or more $2.50 each

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