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After the Shot  Chapter 2

Okay you just pulled the trigger or let an arrow fly. Your game takes flight, first question that crosses your mind. Did I miss or hit?
The animal’s reaction to the shot is your first clue. Whenever a bullet or arrow strikes your intended target like deer or elk its reaction will tell you if you hit your target or not.
Big Game shot with a well place bullet usually goes down before you lose sight of it, but with an arrow the animal usually runs out of sight.  Let’s go over a few scenarios we have experienced.
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Art Of Blood Trailing
Heart or Lung Shot
     A deer hit in the heart or lung area usually jumps or bounds forward and sometimes kick out with their hind legs. Blood trails from this type of hit are usually short and easy to follow. The blood is bright red and has pink frothy blood from a lung hit. This hit usually results in what we like to call “A Blind Man’s Trail”. Meaning there is so much blood even a blind man could follow it. Even with a hit like this it is advisable to wait 30 minutes before following.
I once shot a buck broadside at 40 yards. I knew it was a well-placed shot and the buck would be dead in minutes. It took everything I had to wait before pursing. I was so sure the buck was dead I only waited 15 minutes and started down the trail. I found the arrow it was covered in bright red blood and the trail was easy to follow. After only 50 yards I spotted the buck piled up under a pine tree. His head was buried under the pine branches so I could not see his eyes to see if they were glazed over. So I came up from behind the buck and poked him with my bow; too my surprise he exploded out from under the pine tree. Luckily I had come up from behind him or I would have surely been run over. He only went about 20 feet before he fell over dead.
As I examined him, I discovered he had turned towards me at the sound of the shot; the arrow had entered just under his chin and angle back though cutting a main artery and 1 lung exiting the backside. Although this was a fatal hit, it was not what I thought I had seen. If I had waited 10 more minutes I would have found the buck stone dead.
Wait at least 30 minutes even on the best placed shot. That extra few minutes will often be the difference between long or short trail.

Liver Shot
Reactions include running a short distance with its head high or well forward often dying within 150 yards. Blood trails tends to be very dark red / thick and glutinous, sometimes with stomach matter.
A liver shot is fatal, but the blood trail can be sparse. A friend once hit a deer by accident
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