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      Welcome to LCL Knives where you can get a high quality custom built knife (hunting, Kitchen or one for everyday) without breaking the bank. Click on LCL Knives Button Above and follow the links to a whole gallery of pictures of knives we have built. Damascus or Stainless Steel all with a variety of beautifully designed handles. The handles are made of various types of wood, Corian, Antler or Alumilite. Follow the pages to view the assortment of knives we sold to satisfied customers around the world. All knives are made from U.S. steel at our shop in Northglenn, Colorado and sold at vatious trade shows in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Wyoming.
     LCL Knives offers customers, who want a unique one-of-a-kind product, custom built knives  or create your own Custom Built Knife, where you are able to choose the blade and handle material.  All knives come with a sheath constructed with 6-7 ounce leather made just for that knife.
    Look through the picture galleries if you find a knife you like, we will duplicate it to as close as possible to the original or you can choose a blade you like and match it with the handle you like. We also offer custom laser engraving
LCL Hunting is a vendor attending almost all of the Colorado and neighboring states gun shows all year round. Come visit us.

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Best Knife I have ever owned
Will buy more

Great  Products
These Knives are great I pickked up a knife it felt great in my hand
better than any commercial made knife I've handled

Coolest knives I've ever seen!!

I'm on my 8th knife from LCL best knives in my collection
My wife loved them so much she started her own collection

These knives make the best presents my boys loved them, I had to
order one for my daughter when she saw her bothers' knives

I ordered a whole kitchen set for far less than a cutco set. These knives are
better in my opinon than any commercial set I've owned. they are sharp and stay
sharp longer. Have gotten tons of compliments.

These guys are great, built me a knife with coast guard seal, stacked leather and
brass handle with my name and years of service etched on the blade

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Blood Trail Enhancer

Quick Start Fuel Cells
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Blood Trail Enhancer

Quick Start Fuel Cells

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Here at LCL Hunting, we strive to give you the best customer support we can. If there is a problem with or questions about the products we sell, please feel free to contact us.
We have a new form for ordering. The old form was not working, had numerous calls of orders not being received by us, We apologize for any orders we did not respone too. We are working hard to make sure all orders are addressed
LCL is also the home of our patent pending Blood Trail Enhancer--a  revolutionary tracking aid developed by LCL Hunting! This product was specifically designed to help with blood detection when tracking deer, elk or any other game after the shot. Works in all sorts of weather and on all types of vegetation day or night. When sprayed upon suspected blood, it will foam up a light blue color if the area contains any blood or body fluids. Blood Trail Enhancer works on fresh blood or old dried up blood. It detected the presence of blood in the back of a pickup truck 2 weeks after it had been washed at a car wash. Color blind hunters have reported they can see the reaction enabling them to detect blood and follow the trail.
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Starting at $3.95/vial 

The More you buy the lower the price per vial

1-2  $3.95 ea
3-9  $3.35 ea
10 or more $2.50 each
Try our Quick Start Firestarter Fuel Cells
Every camper, hunter, hiker, snowmobiler, cross country skier and ATV rider needs a vial in his or her survival pack!! Take the hassle out of fire starting!!  Fire making is easy!! Just light a Quick Start Fuel Cell with just a spark, a match or lighter.  Build a teepee of wood around it , sit back and watch how quick your fire starts, even if the wood is damp. Don’t have a match, no problem Quick Start Fuel Cells will easily start with flint striker. Replaces the need to find dry tinder bundle, no more blowing to get the fire going and sucking in smoke. Click on picture or link for MORE INFO
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100% Waterproof (they float in water)
Easy to light with a match or flint
Burns for 12 to 15 minutes
Flame is 6 to 10 inches high
Individually wrap
Comes 5 to a vial
Burns hot enough to dry wet wood
Light weight, easy to store in your pack or vehicle
One Vial weighs only 1.6 ounces
Made in the USA
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Check out our E-Books written by LCL Hunting.  e-books are downloadable to your PC or available in Kindle format for all your Kindle products.  Click on the book for More Info.
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